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Retirement Strategy

Advanced Time Segmentation® is a different way of looking at and presenting financial planning. At its core, we match our client’s assets to their income liabilities. Meaning, we lay out a strategy that creates inflation-adjusted income that addresses risk by giving equities time to potentially grow untouched. This approach allocates assets into different time segments based on the period of time when those assets are expected to generate income.

Advanced Time Segmentation® seeks to provide investors with stable, predictable income while giving time for future possible growth. We take principles that were exclusive to the wealthy, and make them accessible to everyone. We mathematically calculate your risk, inflation-adjust your income, and strive to ensure a lasting legacy. We do all of this by implementing a strategy with every portfolio so that time is on your side.

Advanced Time Segmentation® is a strategy that matches unique retirement income needs with time-segmented investments. This approach segments retirement assets into certain categories. The categories are based ON the period of time in retirement when the assets are expected to generate income.

In its simplest form, the strategy seeks to match your assets to your liabilities by organizing your investments into three segments. These segments are designed to correspond to your needs during different periods of your life. You start by spending down the first two segments while allowing the third segment, comprised of riskier, more volatile investments, the time it needs to potentially grow.

The time for a new start is now!

If you’re like most investors thinking about your eventual retirement, you hunger for stability yet yearn for growth. If you’re like millions of Americans whose portfolios took a beating at the end of the last decade, growth isn’t just a preference but a requirement.

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