Social Security Analysis

One of your largest financial decisions….

Deciding how to claim Social Security is arguably one of the largest financial decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime.

Alarmingly, Americans are collectively foregoing billions of dollars in lifetime income because they are not well-informed about the choices available to them.

Realizing people need help with this important decision, we made a commitment to do the research necessary to provide solid education, guidance, and tools needed to assist our clients in making sound, informed decisions about when to start their Social Security benefits.

Client Centered

What is a claiming strategy?
Analyzing the rules of Social Security and creating a plan to claim benefits for a particular outcome specific to a situation.

This may involve combining and/or postponing certain benefits at a particular time to maximize cumulative benefits.

Social Security is Not Simple….
The rules of Social Security are complicated. Over 70% of Americans claim their Social Security retirement benefits early – and without understanding how the rules can be used to their advantage. We use a powerful software created by the authorities in Social Security claiming strategies to generate a comprehensive, personalized report that includes an optimal claiming strategy that will result in the most cumulative benefits possible, as well as educational text to help clients understand how their benefits are calculated, and detailed instructions on when and how to claim benefits.